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Parkway Trees Elgin's tree bank planting program was developed to sustain our neighborhood forests and provide value to properties. To request a new tree be planted by the city of Elgin, please fill out the Tree Bank Request & Tree Selection Form. Also, view the Recommended Species List, provided by the forestry division.

City tree planting is generally performed twice per year, once in the spring and once in the fall. The application deadline for the spring planting program is April 24th and for the fall planting it is August 15th.

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Elgin Police Department’s Traffic Information to be Tweeted on Twitter  - The Elgin Police Department has just enhanced its information reporting to citizens by offering real-time traffic information to our Twitter (@ElginPD) followers. Read on...

IMAGE AWARDS WINNERS ANNOUNCED  - Elgin’s Image Advisory Commission is proud to announce the fourteen winners for the prestigious Image Awards for 2014. The annual award recognizes individuals, businesses and organizations that have had a positive impact on Elgin. Read on...