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  1. The Centre Customer Service Survey

    Tell us how we're doing. Your feedback is important to us.

Fire Department

  1. Adult Services Contact Form

    If you go on a call where you feel the patient would benefit from contact by Adult Services, please complete this form. If additional... More…

  2. MABAS Division 2 Holiday Luncheon Registration
  3. Post Payroll Period Overtime Submission

    This form is to be used to submit an overtime request for overtime that was not submitted during the proper payroll period.

  4. Station Maintenance / Issues Reporting Form

    This form is to be used to document all station related issues except for technology-related items. If the issue is a technology... More…

  5. Vehicle Equipment Request Form

    This form is to be utilized to request new or replacement equipment for all suppression vehicles. EMS equipment will still go through... More…

  1. Award Nomination Form

    This form is to be used for submitting award nominations for civilian and fire service personnel.

  2. Meth - What Should You Know
  3. Public Education Event Request Form

    This form is to be completed for any type of public education request for the City of Elgin Fire Department.

  4. Technology Issues

    Please complete this form if you are having any issues related to software or hardware not working. This includes CAD, RA, RMS, rig... More…

General Forms

  1. Recognition Awards Nomination Form
  1. Sustainability Honor Roll nomination form

    The Elgin Sustainability Commission presents its Sustainability Honor Roll award twice a year to individuals, businesses,... More…

Police Department

  1. 2019 Citizens Police Academy
  2. AED Registration Form
  3. Eye Drive Class Registration Form
  4. Neighborhood Disaster Preparedness Registration

    In the immediate hours following a disaster, first responders may be unable to maneuver around damaged roads, downed power lines, and... More…

  5. Squad Inspection Form
  6. Support Our Seniors Volunteer Registration
  1. 2019 Senior Citizens Police Academy
  2. Bike Inspection Form
  3. Help Police Fight Gang and Drug Traffic
  4. Rate Your Police Service
  5. Suggestions

    For employee use

Security Through Surveillance

  1. Security Through Surveillance

    Security Through Surveillance (STS) is an innovative initiative in which the police department partners with businesses and homeowners... More…

Special Events and Cultural Arts

  1. Artist Database

    This database will consist of artists all over the world who are both qualified to and interested in working on public art projects. ... More…

  1. Volunteer Application

    Participate in upcoming City of Elgin events by volunteering!

Sustainability Commission

  1. Elgin Sustainability Commission - Discussion Item Submission for Meeting Agenda

    This form must be completed in any request for a discussion item to be added to an Elgin Sustainability Commission meeting agenda.

  1. Elgin Sustainability Commission - Financial Support Request

    This form must be completed in any request for funding from the Elgin Sustainability Commission.