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Community Services
Citizens Police Academy (CPA and CPAAA)
The Citizen’s Police Academy (CPA) provides citizens with an enhanced understanding of the department through interactive programming.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a group of citizens trained to effectively respond to community emergency situations.

Disabled Parking Placards
Temporary disabled parking placards / handicapped parking placards.

Eye Drive

Family Finder Program
This Family Finder Program assists police officers with the identification of people within the Elgin community who have the propensity to become disoriented and/or lost, generally due to a medical condition.

Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Program
The Elgin Fire Department, in partnership with the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance, has committed to reducing the severity and frequency of the tragedy and trauma caused by children and their fire-related activities through specialized juvenile programming.

Landlord Training Program
The Landlord Training Program is mandatory for all residential rental license holders in Elgin.

Medication Disposal
The department hosts a dropbox to aid in the disposal of expired and unused medications.

Neighborhood Watch Program
Neighborhood Watch Groups are the eyes and the ears of the community.

Police Department Tours
The department offers tours to groups or organizations upon request.

Premise Alert Program
This Premise Alert Program offers guidance and direction to public safety workers who respond to, and assist with, those citizens with special needs or disabilities.

Register Valuables - LeadsOnline
Register your valuables, as well as upload photographs of items (with or without serial numbers) using LeadsOnline - a secure website for the public.

Ride-Along Program
The department does sponsor a ride-along program for citizens interested in learning more about a police officer's role within the community.

Security Through Surveillance
Register your security camera with the Elgin Police Department.

Senior Services
The department has elderly service officers who are trained to assist Elgin senior citizens who have been victimized, or are at risk for victimization.

Social Services
The Social Services Unit is comprised of licensed social workers who provide assistance to individuals within the Elgin community.

Youth Services
Several youth programs are offered by the department, including the Explorers, Kids United and Peer Jury.

We Can Help - Opiate Addiction Assistance