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Water Billing
Payment Options
Water bill payment options include:

Starting in January 2015, water customers began receiving their bill on the 1st, 10th or 20th of each month, depending on their address. If the 1st, 10th or 20th fall on a weekend or holiday the bill date will be the next business day. Click here for more information.  
The automated Pay by
Phone option is no
longer available until
the system is replaced.
Please use other payment options.

Customer Service
City Hall
150 Dexter Ct.
Elgin, IL 60120
Phone: Dial 311
Fax: 847-931-5621

City Hall
Cashier Business Hours: Monday-Friday


The water, sewer maintenance and sewer treatment charges are determined by the volume of water provided to the service address recorded on the water meter.  Water volume is billed in units of 100 cubic feet (HCFT). One unit of HCFT equals 748 gallons of water. The water availability rate is determined by the size of the water service (meter size) and the number of days in the billing cycle. The water availability charge and sewer  interceptor fee are generated even when there is no consumption.  The City’s water bill generally consists of the itemized charges defined below:Water: This charge includes the direct cost associated with pumping, treating and transmitting water to the service location.
  • Adjustments:  The adjustment line represent other items such as late fees and miscellaneous water credits posted to your account since your last bill.
  • Penalty: A ten percent (10%) late fee for water charges and a five percent (5%) late fee for sewer treatment charges will be added if not paid in full by the due date.
  • Recap Fee:  This charge includes the cost of constructing sanitary sewer interceptor trunk 30 to provide sewer service to western areas of Elgin.
  • Refuse Fees: This charge is for collection of residential refuse and recycling services.
  • Sewer Maintenance:  This charge is for the repair and maintenance of existing storm and sanity sewer lines in Elgin.
  • Sewer Treatment:  Fees collected by the city on behalf of the Fox River Water Reclamation District (FRWRD) for the treatment of sewer wastewater.
  • Water Availability:  This charge represents the cost associated with providing enough water storage capacity to meet the customer peak demands and maintaining the water system. 


  • Water charge - $3.77 per 100 cubic feet
  • Sewer maintenance charge - $1.68 per 100 cubic feet, with exceptions:
    • Residential - Private Well sewer maintenance charge - $21.92 per month
    • Commercial - Private Well sewer maintenance charge - $36.53 per month
  • Refuse Fee (Direct pass through to Waste Management)
    • Single Family Home - $16.27
    • Townhouse & Condo - $11.82
  • Leaf Rake Out - Only applies to properties within the leaf rake out area
    • $5.00

Monthly Availability Charge

Meter Size


Meter Size




2 1/2"










1 1/4"




1 1/2"








Fox River Water Reclamation District (FRWRD) Sewer Treatment Rates


Current Rates

Rates Effective July 1, 2018

$1.61 per 100 cu. ft.

                           $1.95 per 100 cu. ft.

$1.75 per 100 cu. ft.

$2.11 per 100 cu. ft.

$2.15 per 100 cu. ft.

 $2.60 per 100 cu. ft.
Governmental / Institutional

$1.69 per 100 cu. ft.

 $2.04 per 100 cu. ft.