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Fire Fighter Application Process
The Fire Service is an exciting career providing many opportunities to learn and serve the community.  

The Elgin Fire Department is a recognized leader in all hazards emergency response and preparedness protecting a diverse population of 110,000 people.  The Department is the 8th largest department in the State of Illinois and has set the standard for training and performance.

The Elgin Fire Department responds to approximately 12,000 calls for assistance each year.  These members respond from seven stations that are strategically placed throughout the 34 square miles protected by the Fire Department.  In addition to the daily emergency responses, the 133 members of the Department participate in fire prevention, community engagement and public education activities.  Members of the organization also participate on regional and State response teams in Technical Rescue, Water Rescue, Hazardous Materials, Fire Investigation and Incident Management.

Entering the fire service requires some work in advance; the information below will help you get ready.
Fire Fighter candidates must be aged 21 to 35 and an US citizen or permanent resident of the US. If you turned 35 while serving in the military and are under 40 you may apply.  You may test at the age of 19 if you have been in the Elgin Cadet or Police Explorer program for at least 3 years however you must be 21 to be hired as a firefighter.
Educational and other requirements:
 - 60 college credit hours; OR
 - 3 years of active military duty; OR
 - 3 years as a full time and current city of Elgin employee, 


 - EMT Basic or EMT Paramedic certification.  These certifications are available through Elgin Community College.
What you'll need to provide when you apply:
 - A copy of your driver's license
 - A copy of your birth certificate/naturalization papers
 - Your college transcripts/diploma
 - Your DD214 for military service 
 - CPAT test card no more than 1 year from date of exam 
 - An online application submitted through our website - set up your application now

Frequently Asked Questions

CPAT Exam through
SW United Fire District
CPAT Exam through 
Be a Fire Explorer

Want to talk to an Elgin Fire Fighter about what the job is really like?  

Call any one of these Firefighters at 847-931-6175 and he would be happy to talk with you.

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Questions? Call: 
Firefighter Joshua Soderberg
Questions? Call:
Firefighter Brandon Schuh
Questions? Call:
Firefighter Anthony McMeel
Questions? Call:
Firefighter Wayde Smith