Elgin Police Pension Fund

Welcome Message from the Board of Trustees

Welcome members and recipients of the Elgin Police Pension Fund; this website was implemented to offer you easy access to information regarding your pension fund. The Elgin Police Pension Fund was created on August 19, 1909, and held its first meeting on August 25, 1909.  The present board members meet on a quarterly basis, during the following months:  January, April, July and October.  On this site, you'll have accessibility to the quarterly meeting agendas and meeting minutes, as well as the monthly investment committee meeting agendas and meeting minutes.  The special committee meetings and agendas will also be posted; these meetings will be posted on a revolving one year rotation.  

We look forward to a continued working relationship in managing your investments to ensure the maximum protection and growth.


The Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

  • James Roscher, President (term expires 04/30/2025)
  • Marie Glasby, Vice President (term expires 04/30/2025)
  • Randy Fries, Secretary (term expires 04/30/2024)
  • Robert O'Connor, Assistant Secretary (term expires 04/30/2024)
  • Debra Nawrocki, Trustee (term expires 04/30/2025)
  • Debra Nawrocki, Chief Financial Officer
  • Cary Collins, Board Attorney
  • Thomas Quigley, Clerk

Rules and Regulations

View Rules and Regulations (PDF)

Monthly Investment Committee Meetings

  • Established Meeting Dates: These meetings are not determined ahead of time; they are scheduled at the individual meetings.  
  • Meeting Agendas
  • Meeting Minutes 

Quarterly Board Meetings

Quarterly Executive Summaries

Quarterly Executive Summaries (PDF)

Statement of Investment Policy

Statement of Investment Policy (PDF)