Youth Opportunities

The Elgin Police Department aims to reduce the number of crimes committed by juvenile offenders and to enhance relationships between police officers and Elgin’s youth. In support of this initiative, the department sponsors special programming. These programs foster positive relationships, mentoring, positive peer motivation, and help cultivate life skills.

Further information about programs and their associated contacts are provided below:

Explorer Post 1445, a police program geared towards young adults between the ages of 14 through 20 who are interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement.

Kids United, a free program that aims to ensure children residing in Elgin Township mature into responsible citizens by creating a positive environment for youths to make informed and responsible decisions, while challenging and supporting the development of life skills.

Peer Jury, a youth program that offers a confidential, meaningful, and remedial approach to processing juvenile offenders under the age of 17 without involving the juvenile court system.