Facility Rental


The Hemmens is building an addition! As a result, no new rentals will be accepted in 2024 to accommodate the construction. Rental dates already scheduled will not be affected. Click here for more information on the new addition.

The Hemmens will be back to full rental capacity in 2025. New renters may request dates up to one year in advance of the event. Please fill out the Rental Request Form and we will contact you. 

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Hemmens Staff

Image of The Hemmens 2023/24 2023/24 building addition.

Drawing of The Hemmens building addition under construction in 2023/2024

From our intimate 1200-seat theatre and beautiful glass surround lobby to our 11,340 square foot exhibition hall, The Hemmens can accommodate your benefit or fundraiser, stage production, tradeshow, corporate meeting, birthday party, dance recital or wedding. 

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How Do I Get Started?

Visit the How Do I Get Started page for Hemmens video tour, slide show and rental rules.