The Elgin Fire Department Training Division oversees a comprehensive training program, encompassing probationary firefighter training,

on-going firefighting skills and procedures, officer development, apparatus driver and operator, emergency medical skills and procedures and special operations including:

  • Technical Rescue (trench, confined space, rope and building collapse)
  • Hazardous Material
  • Water Rescue (open water, ice and dam)
  • Fire Investigation
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The Training Division conducts monthly drills incorporating all on-duty personnel. These drills are held in two hour blocks and utilize no more than three units at a time. This procedure allows for the training to be conducted while maintaining a high level of protection for the city. In conjunction with the monthly training conducted by the Training Division, daily station-level training is provided electronically to all personnel. The station-level training is conducted by the fire department officers and incorporates skills and procedures from all facets of the fire department’s operational areas. The Training Division also works with other city departments such as Police, Forestry, Water and Public Works, providing targeted training on their specific needs. Additionally, the Elgin Fire Department conducts training which incorporates numerous area fire departments which enhances the operational efficiency of all the departments involved.

The Elgin Fire Department’s Training Division is always looking for opportunities to train in buildings throughout the city. These training opportunities provide fire department personnel an opportunity to work in unfamiliar environments and building layouts. Training can be conducted using non-destructive evolutions as well as live fire evolutions.

If you would like more specific information on the Elgin Fire Department’s Training Division or would like to discuss possible training opportunities please call 847-931-6178.

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