Youth Fire Setter Intervention Program

The Youth Fire Setter Program was established to provide an educational opportunity for youth who have experienced destructive fire related behavioral issues. The program consists of two meetings with the youth and parent(s) or legal guardians.

Educational / informational material is presented and the student assigned homework to be completed and returned during his/her second visit. Referrals are generated from various sources, including the youth parent(s), fire/police investigators, court appointed probation officers and other outside sources.

Program instructors are required to complete approved State of Illinois training.

The Elgin community faces the continued challenge of identifying and preventing youth fire setting behavior and activity before it causes injury, loss of life and damage to property. To assist with this mission, the Elgin Fire Department, in partnership with the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance, has committed to reducing the severity and frequency of the tragedy and trauma caused by children and their fire-related activities through specialized youth programming.

The Youth Fire Setter Intervention Program (YFSIP) is a program that features highly trained intervention specialists. Working in teams of two, they assist at-risk juveniles by interviewing, educating, offering guidance and providing referrals to other agencies for further assistance when needed.

Identification is what brings the child to the attention of the YFSIP program.This may be accomplished through a number of ways: teachers, parents, guardians, fire service personnel, law enforcement personnel and other agencies or community members. Anyone may refer a child as possibly being in need of an intervention. If you suspect or know that a child has been involved in fire-related behavior or activities, please contact the interventionists identified to the right. They will gather more information and perform all necessary follow-up.


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