Handicap Accessibility: Parking, Elevator & Seating

The Hemmens Cultural Center is a Handicap Accessible Facility


There are 3 handicap parking spots located in the semi-circular driveway on the North side of the building off of North Grove Avenue and Symphony Way. Often there is additional handicap street parking available off of Symphony Way as well. There is a handicap ramp leading to the building off the semi-circular driveway. The automated handicap entrance door is located on the Northwest side of the building off of the handicap ramp.


You can find the elevator on the Main Floor just to the right of the automated handicap door once in the building. The elevator services the Main Floor, and the Lower Level where the bathrooms are located. The elevator does not service the Balcony.


Handicap seating is available on the Main Floor level for all performances. The Hemmens has designated spots in the aisles for those patrons who wish to remain in their wheelchair for the duration of the performance. For those patrons that would prefer to transfer to a regular theatre seat, an aisle would be required. The wheelchair (and walkers too) would then be stored for the duration of the performance (easily accessible if needed however). The Main Floor level is graded, as you go closer to the stage the floor slopes downward. We do not have a railing for maneuvering the aisle on the main floor.

If you have difficulty walking, the Balcony is not the appropriate place for you to enjoy the performance. Again, the elevator does not service the Balcony. There are 18 stairs leading up to the Balcony, and once in the Balcony there are 7 rows of stairs. The Balcony is stadium seating.

Special Seating Needs

If you have questions, or need assistance regarding any special seating needs please call the Box Office at 847-931-5900 to speak with a representative directly. At this time, wheelchair seating is not offered online but through the Box Office only.