Engineering Resource Center


In addition to state and federal guidelines, the City of Elgin has specific engineering and construction standards and specifications that must be followed when constructing public improvements within the city limits. Adherence to these standards not only ensures the quality and consistency of public improvements within the city, but also ensures that they can be easily maintained by the Elgin Public Works Department once they are completed.

The city has prepared standard documents associated with engineering plan submittals.

Standard Specifications and Procedures

  1. City of Elgin Standard Detail Sheets - 2 sheets
  2. City of Elgin General Notes Sheet – 1 sheet
  3. City of Elgin Standard Street Light Detail Sheet - 1 sheet
  4. City of Elgin Ornamental Street Light Detail Sheet – 1 sheet
  5. City of Elgin Standard Street Name Sign Sheet – 1 sheet
  6. Watermain Hydrostatic Testing Procedure – 3 sheets
  7. Water Meter Installation Configuration Diagrams

Standard Forms

  1. EOPC for Site Development - Download the excel spreadsheet
  2. EOPC for a Subdivision - Download the excel spreadsheet
  3. Performance Bond for Issuance of Development Permit Standard Format - 1 sheet
  4. Mass Grading and Soil Erosion Control Performance Bond Standard Format - 1 sheet
  5. Letter of Credit Standard Format - 3 sheets
  6. Sanitary Sewer Inspection Memorandum - 1 sheet
  7. Certificate of Liability Insurance - Sample - 1 sheet
  8. Indemnification Agreement for Surety Reduction
  9. Bond Reduction Requirement Checklist
  10. City of Elgin Stormwater Permit Application
  11. City of Elgin Stormwater Permit Flowchart
  12. City of Elgin Stormwater Permit Checklists

Standard Text

  1. City of Elgin Contact Information - 2 sheets
  2. Drainage Statement - 1 sheet
  3. Signature block (plat of subdivision) - 1 sheet
  4. Grant of Easement Standard Format - 1 sheet
  5. Easement Provisions for Use on Plats Standard Format – 6 sheets
  6. Final Plat - Required Certifications

General Information 

2007 Sanitary Sewer Master Plan (West Expansion Area)

The documents below provide the basis of design and layout for the wastewater collection system that will serve areas of the city’s planning area west of Randall Road. The master plan is a tool that shows future extensions of sewer service to new developments in the western service area.