2010 Elgin Short Film Festival

With more than 30 films submitted from around the United States, the selected films run the gamut from comedy to drama.  The 2010 Elgin Short Film Festival winners are:

Hattie Hemmens Award:  Elgin
Director: Orion Pahl

Synopsis: A city, her story: you and I.

FIRST PLACE: la Salle de Jeux
Director: Tim Miller

Synopsis: Two tortured souls spend a leisurely afternoon lamenting life, cheese and their mere  existence, unaware of the imminent danger of their predicament.

La Salle

Director: Hugh Schulze

Synopsis: A man, a woman, a movie theater- a tale of love and grace.


THIRD PLACE:  An Evening with Emery Long
Director: Brad DeMarea

Synopsis: Emery Long prepares for his first date with his closest friends ex-girlfriend

Emery Long

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