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The City of Elgin is committed to promoting transparency, accountability and communication to provide the community with opportunities to engage and be informed. The transparency page provides a centralized location for the most common types of public information. Placing these items in one place helps residents and other interested parties locate information faster than before. The information provided is updated regularly.

Adopted Budget

View and download a searchable PDF file for the current fiscal year budget. The City of Elgin’s budget runs on a calendar year, from January 1 to December 31.

Awarded Bids & Requests for Proposals

Each publicly bid project results in a contract that is approved by city council. Awarded contracts are listed here by year, beginning in 2009.

City Code

Approved city codes/legislation is codified and available here.

A searchable version of the city of Elgin’s code can be found by clicking the link above.

Current Fee Ordinance


Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

View the CAFR, issued each year by the City of Elgin. The CAFR provides the most in-depth look at the city’s financial status. Financial statements, an independent auditor’s report as well as useful statistical information such as the largest employers can be found within the CAFR. The CAFR is a technical document that is required by law, but for those without a financial or accounting background, it can be difficult to understand. The city’s adopted budget is a more accessible document that strives to convey financial and policy information in an easier to understand way.

Council-Manager Form of Government

View frequently asked questions about the form of government utilized by the city of Elgin.

Dangerous or Vicious Dogs Listing

View the current listing of dogs designated as dangerous or vicious, along with their address and breed.

Disbursement Reports

View disbursement reports. Any payment or release of funds is documented through the disbursement report. This report is generated regularly and approved by city council during its regular city council meeting.

Elected and Administrative Officials

Elgin Fire Department Annual Report (2011-present)

View the Elgin Fire Department’s annual report with total call volumes, significant accomplishments and response statistics from the preceding year. The Fire Department also has an Elgin Fire Department Strategic Plan (2015-2020).

Elgin Police Department Transparency and Monthly / Annual Crime Statistics (2008-present)

View the Elgin Police Department’s year-end crime statistics for Part I Crimes. This page also contains links to monthly crime statistics and logs of each call for service during the preceding month.

Elgin Police Department Standard Operating Procedures

Elgin Police Department Response to Resistance

March 12, 2018 Shooting involving Lieutenant Chris Jensen and resident Decynthia Clements (link includes Illinois State Police Report, Hillard Heintz Report and Appendices, Dash Cam Videos, Body Cam Videos and Factual Narrative Video)

Employee/Department Contact Information


Financial Ratings

The same way that individuals get credit scores, municipalities get bond ratings. Bond ratings provide investors objective information about the relative risk of the security - in this case bonds - for sale. The higher the bond rating, the less risk associated with the investment. The city of Elgin’s bonds are rated AAA and AA+ respectively from the rating agencies listed below.


The city has utilized the professional services of lobbyists for several years to ensure the city’s interests remain at the forefront of policy discussions at the state and federal level. The city’s lobbyists are responsible for monitoring and providing feedback to the city’s state and federal legislators on various bills and administrative rule making. The lobbyists also assist the city in speeding and obtaining regulatory approval for state and federal permits that are required for various city initiatives. View the most recent lobbyist contracts.

Ordinances and Resolutions

In addition to bids and formal requests for proposals the city council will consider other items and make decisions that are formalized through a resolution or ordinance. All resolutions and ordinances approved by the city council by year and meeting date can be found here.

Organizational Chart

View the City of Elgin’s organizational chart, which depicts the structure of city departments.

Public Meeting Information

Public Safety Pension Actuarial Reports

Each year the city retains an actuarial service to evaluate its public safety pensions. These reports review each pension fund’s position using accepted actuarial principles and procedures. These reports are helpful to get a better sense of the pension obligations owed to past and current fire fighters and police officers. View the Public Safety Pension Actuarial Reports.

2018-2022 Strategic Principles and Priorities 

The City of Elgin’s Strategic Principles and Priorities 2018-2022 serve as a guide for the City and community as they continue work toward realizing Elgin’s full potential as "The City in the Suburbs."  As the City’s highest level planning document, the refined strategic plan articulates four core values and three strategic goals that provide focus in providing exceptional services, improving Elgin’s quality of life and enhancing the uniqueness of the Elgin community. Each strategic goal is supported by actionable objectives that support Elgin’s current and future identity. Click here to view the Strategic Principles and Priorities 2018-2022.

TIF (Tax Increment Finance) Districts

The city currently has three TIF districts: Central Area, Bluff City and U.S. Route 20. TIF districts represent the most powerful economic development tool available to municipalities under Illinois law. TIF districts seek to increase property values by encouraging development within the designated area. When redevelopment occurs in a TIF district, additional revenue is generated, enabling additional projects to be undertaken. TIF districts generate revenue by allowing the city to capture the new tax revenues produced by the increased assessed valuation of properties resulting from redevelopment efforts. View TIF District Map.

View TIF District Reports:

Treasurer Reports

Treasurer Reports provide an annual Statement of Municipal Treasury and Statement of Revenues and Disbursements.

Water Reports