Public Safety

One of the City of Elgin’s goals is to be a safe and healthy community.

The City’s public safety departments continue to work with residents to proactively address public safety issues while exploring other opportunities to address public safety needs. Each public safety department provides quality customer service and responsiveness to residents.

Elgin Police Department

The Elgin Police Department is dedicated to working in partnership with the community to promote safety and enhance the quality of life by serving with professionalism, encouraging open communication and embracing diversity.

Elgin Fire Department

The Elgin Fire Department is dedicated to providing a safe community through prevention and mitigation of emergencies in a professional and caring manner.

Office of Emergency Management

The mission of the Office of Emergency Management is to facilitate the preparation, safeguarding and protection of citizens and property within the City of Elgin from the consequences of disasters and emergencies. The office is tasked with ensuring that the city in a position to mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from natural or man-made disasters, as well as terrorism-related incidents.