Strategic Principles and Priorities

The City of Elgin’s Strategic Principles and Priorities serve as a guide for the City and community as they continue work toward realizing Elgin’s full potential as “The City in the Suburbs.” 

As the City’s highest level planning document, the refined strategic plan articulates four core values and three strategic goals that provide focus in providing exceptional services, improving Elgin’s quality of life and enhancing the uniqueness of the Elgin community. Each strategic goal is supported by actionable objectives that support Elgin’s current and future identity.

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Elgin Insight

Elgin Insight is a newsletter designed to highlight the organization’s work in executing the City Council’s 2018-2022 Strategic Principles and Priorities. The newsletter shares updates relating to the City’s core values and defined goals, recognizes the outstanding work that is performed throughout the organization and provides readers with a greater insight on issues affecting the City for a better understanding of the decisions being made.

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What we value.

City of Elgin’s Values


Working within the organization and with external partners to deliver efficient and effective services to all populations in Elgin.


Promote a forward-thinking environment that supports creativity, calculated risks and continuous improvement.

Diversity and Inclusion

Value the unique differences that strengthen our workforce and community, and strive to make an inclusive environment where those differences are incorporated into the fabric of the organization.


Deliver value and safeguard the community’s assets through the prudent and transparent use of public resources.

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