High Performing, Financially Stable Government

The City is dedicated to providing excellent, responsive public services to the community. In the years following the Great Recession, the City of Elgin significantly reduced its workforce while still maintaining the same levels of core services. While challenging, the organizational environment promoted adaptability and teamwork to determine new methods of continuing to meet the needs of Elgin’s residents and businesses.

Now that higher levels of economic stability have returned, the City is encouraged to refine its definition of a high performing organization to ensure continued progress. It is recognized that the people and the resources available influence the quality and delivery of services, and the development of key performance goals will drive efficiency and effectiveness across all City functions.

The organization will strive to nurture a culture where leadership is supported at all levels, innovation is encouraged and employees have the necessary tools to meet the evolving needs of the community. Funding the essential resources to accomplish the City’s goals must strike a balance between economic constraints and investing the necessary resources for current and future needs. Transparency and communication will provide residents with opportunities to engage with decision-makers, provide input regarding the way City resources are allocated and have access to government information in a timely manner.

Baseline Measurements 

Elgin's community survey is the primary means of collecting feedback from residents. Elgin's last survey was conducted in 2017, the results of which serve as the baseline that progress on the Strategic Principles and Priorities can be measured against. The actual survey had more than 500 questions. A comprehensive data set for download is available here. A summary of the  responses to the questions related to the Strategic Goal of being a High Performing and Financially Stable Government is presented below.

High Performing Avg Question ScoreOf the more than 50 survey questions contained within this Goal the average score of the responses was 3.7 with 5 being the highest and 1 the lowest. This category encompasses all departments because it measures overall performance as a local government organization. The 2017 Community Survey returned very high ratings for city services overall.

Overall Performance Score

Another metric is overall positivity for city services. These metrics measure the percent of respondents that gave the highest or second highest rating for overall services.

Overall Performance Positivity