Adult Investigations Unit

The Adult Investigations Unit investigates major crimes such as homicides, robberies, sexual assaults, financial, and other crimes involving adult offenders. Detectives conduct investigations and follow-up relating to criminal incidents which involve adult offenders. Not all cases are assigned to a detective; it is important to note that their involvement in a case will depend upon solvability factors. Those factors can be defined as information that is available for detectives to follow-up on in an effort to resolve the case. Our detectives are highly trained in a variety of investigative techniques and provide a high level of expertise to the cases in which they are involved.

Financial Crimes

Financial crimes are one of the fastest growing crime trends in the country. The detectives are trained to investigate financial crimes that have occurred within the city of Elgin.  Because of the often complex nature and scope of financial crimes, they may be referred to a different, more appropriate jurisdiction for further investigation. View more information about financial crime investigations.

Crime Tip Information

Detectives welcome information that can be useful to criminal investigations. If you have information that you believe will help detectives solve a crime or locate a suspect, aside from directly contacting the Adult Investigations Unit, other options are available: View information pertaining to how to submit a crime tip.

  1. Andrew Houghton

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  1. Kathryn Phillips

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