EPD Transparency

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Standard Operating Procedures

Elgin Police Department Standard Operating Procedures are available for public review by utilizing this PowerDMS weblinkIt is important to note that policies are frequently updated and reviewed to keep current with new laws, training and best practices. It is possible that a policy you are viewing is also currently under review and subject to changes by the department’s Policy Review Committee. 

Crime Statistics and Annual Report

Annual statistical reports and daily crime information are available on our website; click here to view

NEXT STEP INITIATIVES FOR ELGIN PD - Presentation date: June 24, 2020

Event Summary for June 2020 Protests and EPD Initiatives and Practices

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Use of Force Analysis

Elgin Police Department policy requires all officers to report any use or show of force on an approved department form. The data from the response to resistance forms are entered into a database and analyzed each year. Each form, along with the associated reports and videos, are reviewed through the chain of command to ensure the force was within policy. A Use of Force committee comprised of a diverse group of officers from various divisions also reviews incidents to make recommendations on training and policy each year.

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March 12, 2018 Shooting involving Lieutenant Chris Jensen and resident Decynthia Clements (link includes Illinois State Police Report, Hillard Heintz Report and Appendices, Dash Cam Videos, Body Cam Videos and Factual Narrative Video)