EPD-U, the new approach to ENGAGING

EPD University (EPD-U)

In 2020 we began a new approach to our classes for the Elgin community. We decided that for courses such as the regular Citizens Police Academy and Community Emergency Response Team training, we would offer classes once monthly instead of several weeks in succession. Our first class in February filled up almost immediately. Most of these students committed to all eight course offerings; therefore, they are considered our "full-time" students. 

Because there is such an interest in this approach, we have decided to offer "part-time" opportunities. Each month the same class offered to the full-timers will also be hosted for people who see that the topic for the month is of interest to them. Registration will open 3-4 weeks before the class begins and the opening will be posted on Facebook, as well as reflected on this webpage. If our "part-time" students complete six of the eight "a la carte" sessions, they, too, are eligible to graduate in October, which will include shooting on the EPD range and using the shoot/don’t shoot scenario simulator. Graduates will also be invited to join the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association (CPAAA) and continue their involvement with further education and volunteer opportunities.

We are excited to offer this new way of engaging and we hope our community will make EPD-U a success! 

COVID has affected our learning opportunities. Please check back for updates. 
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