Tall Grass and Weeds


Understanding the ordinance:

Your property must be free of all weeds/grass that is over 8 inches in height.  Trees and shrubs are not included. Cultivated flower beds are acceptable as long as they are free of weeds/grass over 8 inches.  Noxious weeds are not allowed at any height and should be eliminated. 

The noxious weeds included are the following: ragweed, giant and common; Canada thistle, all varieties; perennial sow thistle; European bind weed; hoary cress; leafy spurge; and Russian knapweed.

The treebank/parkway:

This is the property between the sidewalk and the street.  This should be maintained by the homeowner. If there is no sidewalk, you are responsible for the care to the street.

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Helpful information below:


  •  A violation is reported by the public or observed by a department employee. 
  • On a citizen complaint, an inspection is conducted to verify the complaint. If in violation, a case is started and a picture is taken to document the height and location of the grass/noxious weeds. A notice of violation is posted to the property.
  • A follow-up inspection is scheduled for seven (7) days. At that time, another inspection is conducted to confirm compliance.
  • If the violation is complied, the case is closed.
  • If the violation is not complied, the Inspector takes a picture of the violation and notes any specific information regarding the location of the violation.
  • At this point, a final notice is posted to the property, affording the owner 48 additional hours to comply (this only applies to occupied properties).
  • A re-inspection is scheduled for two days later. If the violation is still not complied, the Health officer identifies the owner of the property, issues a citation and orders a cut from a designated contractor at the expense of the property owner.
  • When a violation is issued more than once on a property within 12 months, a citation is to be issued .

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The Citation

The citation amount is $50.00 and is payable to City of Elgin.


Visit Customer Service at City Hall, 150 Dexter Court, Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Use drive-up payment drop-box located in front of City Hall

  1. Make check payable to City of Elgin.  DO NOT MAIL CASH
  2. Write the citation number on your check or money order.


  1. Make check payable to the City of Elgin.  DO NOT MAIL CASH
  2. Write the citation number on your check or money order.
  3. Mail payment with the citation by First Class mail to:

City of Elgin

Finance Department

150 Dexter Court

Elgin, IL 60120


You may contest this citation by appearing at Elgin City Hall, 150 Dexter Court, on the date and time indicated on the front of citation.


Questions regarding payments can be directed to 847-931-5638

Questions regarding hearings can be directed to 847-931-6110

For all other questions, please call 311 (847-931-6001 if outside of Elgin).