Community Advisory Boards


In an effort to engage the Elgin community in opportunities to guide change with the Elgin Police Department, a Community Advisory Board has been formed, with members who reside in all areas of Elgin. 

The Board is an opportunity for the community to share ideas, ask questions of police personnel, city council members and each other, all with the goal of effecting change and fostering mutual understanding. 

Community Advisory Board members include:

  • Margaret Williams
  • Francisco Villa
  • Judith Rivera
  • Michael Rauschenberger
  • Annie Nelson
  • Andrew Moore
  • Erica Lavine
  • Dawn Kloc
  • Eduardo Guerra
  • Amy Renwick
  • Gena McNamara
  • Danielle Jacobson
  • Parker Olson
  • Justine Witkowski
  • Velma Sept
  • William O'Neill
  • Fred Moulton
  • Martin Griffin
  • Joe Dominguez
  • Armida Dominguez
  • Carlo Cacioppo
  • Sandra Ufland
  • Cherryl Strathmann
  • Laura May
  • Katharine Hansen
  • Catherine Hamilton
  • Danise Habun
  • Diane Fraser
  • Ismael Cordova

  • Jose Bosque
  • Carroll Bailey
  • Heather Weiss
  • Sue Webb
  • Dallas Selby
  • Anthony Ortiz
  • Karla Merlo
  • Julio Lopez
  • Michael Jones
  • Linda Hamann
  • Leticia Gonzalez
  • Ben Devol
  • Melanie Pignotti
  • Stacy Gilmore

Community Engagement Specialist Bob Whitt is the EPD liaison for this program.

  1. Bob Whitt

    Bob Whitt

    Community Engagement Specialist
    Phone: 847-931-6045