2021 Private Side LSLR Project

In this project, the City of Elgin is applying for Illinois Environmental Protection Agency funding that will be used to replace the private side water service from the city’s b-box/shut-off valve to the meter inside the affected property. 

The City has identified approximately 400 partial lead water service lines targeted for replacement in 2021 at no cost to the property owner. The City is actively pursuing funding from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) to pay for the project. Please note, the replacement of the property owner's partial lead water service line by the City will be contingent on the City receiving these funds.

The City sent letters to property owners who met the requirements to participate in this project. Those include property owners whose public portion of their lead water service was replaced with copper by the City as part of a large infrastructure improvement project or as part of an emergency water service repair. Although the public portion of the lead service line was replaced with copper, the private portion of the water service remains lead (i.e. partial lead water service line).

Temporary Construction Easement Acknowledgment Form

If you are a property owner and received a letter notifying you to make a choice of opting in or out of the 2021 private side lead service line replacement project, please click "Temporary Construction Easement Acknowledgement Form." This form is only intended to be completed and signed by the property owner. If the property owner chooses to participate in the program, then they will provide the rights for the city and/or city’s contractor to enter onto their property and complete the necessary work for the water service line replacement.

Temporary Construction Easement Acknowledgment Form

Sign Lead Service Pipe Acknowledgment Waiver

Information Notices

To view the information notice in English, click here.

To view the information notice in Spanish (Español), click here

Virtual Public Information Meetings

To better inform the affected property owners, the City held two virtual public information meetings to discuss the replacement of the lead service lines, specifically the private portion of the lead water service line from the City's shut off valve to the internal water meter. The meetings were not mandatory but were recommended for anyone who had questions about the project.

If you received a letter but were unable to attend, we strongly encourage you to watch a recording of one of the meetings to learn details of the project and the critical items each property owner will be required to participate in with respect to the replacement of their partial lead water service line. 

  • November 17, 2020 recording can be viewed here.
  • December 3, 2020 recording can be viewed here.