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Sustainable Elgin Community Grant Overview

Elgin Sustainability Commission (ESC) Sustainable Elgin Community Grant program is designed to encourage and support ideas that foster a more sustainable community within the City of Elgin. This program offers grant awards up to $1,500 which is for sustainability related projects, events, and programs.

Ideas for Sustainable Elgin Community grants should support goals of the City’s Sustainability Action Plan, such as working to: 

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lessening the Elgin community’s environmental footprint; 
  • Build a resilient, self-sustaining community; 
  • Protect, preserve, restore, and/or maintain the natural environment; and/or, 
  • Bring community members together to actively work to reduce their environmental impact, serve as responsible environmental stewards, and instill an environmental ethic in the community. 

For more about the sustainability movement in Elgin, and to view the City’s Sustainability Action Plan, visit:

Grant projects, programs, and events must take place in Elgin, and include a component of community education and/or resident engagement. 

Funding may be awarded to Elgin residents, neighborhood groups, and local agencies (such as non-profits, businesses, institutions, and associations). Eligibility criteria for applicants and projects proposals are listed below.

Amount of Grant

Reimbursement grants will be awarded up to a maximum of $1,500 per project. 

Applicant Eligibility

  • Any group located within the Elgin corporate limits is eligible to apply. “Group” can refer to residents, non-profit, business, club, organization, other government entity, or neighborhood association. Group applicants need to select one individual to be the primary contact, who is also responsible for fiscal interactions and measurement of impact. A group can utilize a “fiscal agent” for purposes of funding the project. Groups that utilize a “fiscal agent” are required to obtain a letter or some other written documentation from such fiscal agents verifying their agreement to provide additional funding for a project.
  • If the applicant has not already received grant funding from the City in the calendar year. Applicants may receive funding for only one grant per calendar year per organization. Only one grant per organization per calendar year will be funded.  
  • An organization may act as a fiscal agent only once per year. 
  • An organization cannot act as a fiscal agent for another organization that has a 501(c) status. 

Project Eligibility

  • Projects must take place within the corporate city limits of Elgin.
  • Project goal aims to make Elgin a more sustainable community, such as protecting and maintaining the natural environment, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, building a resilient community, and/or bringing community members together to actively work to reduce their environmental impact. 
  • Applications for funds must be intended for a specific project, initiative, event, program, etc. 
  • Project must provide community education, and/or resident engagement.
  • Grant expenditures must occur between January 1 to November 30.
  • Projects must address at least one focus area of the Elgin Sustainability Action Plan (link to document) or the Metropolitan Mayor’s Caucus Greenest Region Compact (link to document).
Elgin Sustainability Action PlanGreenest Region Compact
Focus AreaFocus Area
Alternative EnergyEnergy
Economic DevelopmentEconomic Development
Transportation and MobilityMobility
Recycling and Waste ManagementWaste and Recycling
Water ResourcesWater
Green Building & TechnologyClimate
Green InfrastructureLand Use
Healthy Living/EducationLeadership
Urban DiningMunicipal Operations

Sustainable Communities 

Not Eligible for Funding 

  • Any applicant who has received grant funds from the City of Elgin in the same calendar year. 
  • Projects already receiving funding from the City of Elgin for the calendar year.
  • Projects proposing permanent additions, improvements, or construction to property. 
  • Permanent is defined as additions and improvements that are affixed to a structure or embedded in the ground such that it is intended to remain for an extended period of time and cannot be easily removed. 
  • Property includes public and private.
  • Purchasing permanent equipment or capital expenditures.
  • Operating expenses or existing deficit from a previous year or project.
  • Any project for a church or any sectarian purpose.
  • Any project for a political purposes.

Contact Information

Completed applications should be completed at the link below. For more information or to ask any questions, please contact Sustainability Commission Staff Liaison, Kristin Youngmeyer, at, or 847-931-5615.