Adult & Youth Tennis


Put your skills to the test by playing competitive tennis for men and women ages 18 years and older. Leagues are played on Wednesday evenings at our Wing Park Tennis Courts! Games start at 6:00pm or 7:30pm depending on the number of players registered!

Players will play a (10) game pro-set each week and the first player to win (10) games by a margin of (2) games will win the match that week! 

All players are encouraged to adhere to the schedule. In the event of an emergency or vacation, please let your opponent know 1 week in advance so you can make up the match ahead of time or as soon as you return.

Registration deadline May 31

League dates: Wednesday's June 9 - July 28

Activity NumberLeague Fee
301301-01$90 R / $100 NR

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Youth Tennis Lessons

Youth Tennis lessons are designed to introduce tennis to children ages 5 to 14 years. For the Pee Wee age group, areas of emphasis will include holding the racquet, hand-eye coordination, striking and explanation of the court. For the Junior and Youth age group, basic fundamentals are the primary focus and include such skills as ground strokes, serve techniques, and volleys. Additionally, youth players receive more detailed instruction on hitting deep ground strokes, achieving consistency, and understanding game strategy. Equipment needed: Tennis Racquet

Registration deadline June 6


Activity Number
314501-015-76/08-7/13$61 R / $72 NR
314501-028-106/08-7/13$61 R / $72 NR
314501-0311-146/08-7/13$61 R / $72 NR
314501-045-76/10-7/15$61 R / $72 NR
314501-058-106/10-7/15$61 R / $72 NR
$61 R / $72 NR

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