Asphalt Art

The Elgin Cultural Arts Commission (ECAC) is working on a new program to get more public art into the community. Asphalt art is typically considered art that is located on any flat surface that is usually walked or driven upon. 

The ECAC has selected Elgin's largest skate park, Willard Skate Park, as the location for 2021. The skate park is located in Prairie Park, which also offers several basketball courts. The intent for this year's project is to cover the concrete pad upon which the skate structure sit in an engaging mural, and to wrap the basketball poles and backboards in vinyl printed mural material. The basketball poles and backboard artwork may be submitted as a separate proposal from the concrete pad mural. One artist does not have to complete both areas as part of the proposal, but rather may select just the skate park concrete pad or the basketball poles and backboards. 

The Call for Asphalt Art is currently live and can be viewed here. Applications are due no later than 9:00 a.m. on Friday, June 11th. Applications can be emailed to or sent via mail to: City Hall, Attn: Amanda Harris, 150 Dexter Court, Elgin, IL, 60120. To view images of the selected location, please click here

  1. Amanda Harris

    Assistant to the City Manager
    Phone: 847-931-6019

Asphalt Art example. multicolored brick walkway.
Asphalt art example- flower mosaic on staircase