Commissioners & Staff

Sustainability initiatives in Elgin are furthered by the Elgin Sustainability Commission, an advisory commission made up of nine community volunteers. The commission works on a wide variety of initiatives, aligning with the Elgin Sustainability Action Plan. The commission meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m., in the Heritage Ballroom at the Edward Schock Centre of Elgin.

Chairperson Tom Armstrong
Commissioner Jeff Biss
Commissioner Dan Brosier
Commissioner Chris Flaherty
Commissioner Katie Gronke
Commissioner David Jurina
Commissioner Dekovia Livingston
Commissioner Kevin Zaldivar
Commissioner Vacancy
Student Representative Jordon Hill
Council Liaison Carol Rauschenberger
Staff Liaison Mikala Larson

The City of Elgin staffs a full-time Sustainability Analyst, Mikala Larson (847-931-5615), to work on sustainability initiatives in the City and serve as staff liaison to the Sustainability Commission.

Work Groups

The Sustainability Commission has six working groups: Building Efficiency, Outreach & Education, Renewable Energy, Transportation & Mobility, Urban Ecology and Zero Waste. The work groups meet outside of the monthly full commission meetings, and work further on sustainability initiatives pertaining to their focus area. Community members are welcome and encouraged to participate on a work group by coming to the meeting or reaching out to

A table detailing the work groups, meeting details, and participating commissioners.