The City of Elgin has taken action on climate change through varies efforts aimed at minimizing carbon emissions, sustaining the environment, and protecting natural resources, so that residents have a beautiful and safe community to live in, for generations to come.

Sustainability Commission Meetings

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability for Elgin, Illinois is a movement that complements community values to foster a cooperative spirit and reward efficient use of all resources locally, regionally, and globally; accomplished by incorporating the social, economic, and environmental objectives of our citizens into our policy, development, and culture.


Elgin's sustainability movement is guided by these principles:

  • To create a self sustaining community
  • To ensure that future generations can enjoy at least the same natural resources that we did
  • To preserve, minimize, and restore
  • To accept that we are one species among many
  • To evaluate current practices and policies to lessen our environmental footprint
  • To foster spaces that are healthy, energy efficient, and encourage community inter-connectivity