Volunteer Opportunities

Learn About Nature & Your Valuable Role

At Hawthorne Hill Nature Center, we value volunteers. Kind, helpful, patient people with a sense of humor and a desire to learn should consider joining our team to make new friends with common interests and to grow as a person. We encourage individuals, families, and groups from schools, churches, corporations, and youth groups to contact us about special interests or projects. We have a lot to do and are very grateful for people who want to get involved.

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For more information about volunteering at Hawthorne Hill Nature Center, Email Jan Monell or call at 847-531-7012.


With training and support from our staff, volunteers do great things, including:

  • Assisting with office work
  • Assisting with programs
  • Building or sewing hands-on activities for visitors
  • Caring for trails
  • Greeting visitors
  • Monitoring wildlife
  • Restoring natural areas

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