Sustainability Action Plan (Adopted 2011)

Sustainability Action Plan

Created by citizen working groups and then adopted by City Council in 2011, the Sustainability Action Plan encompasses nine areas of sustainability. The plan's purpose is to "Improve the quality of life for Elgin citizens to improve its local environment, while making Elgin a more viable and vibrant place to live."
Each area (or recommendation category) of the Sustainability Action Plan provides a number of goals, and each goal has specific, actionable objectives. A total of 107 objectives are included in the plan. Of those objectives nearly a third are education-focused. Other objectives are related things such as policy recommendations, ordinance adoption and incentive programs.

Staff provided a progress report to City Council in 2017, estimating nearly 75% of objectives complete or on-going. 

Sustainability Action Plan Document and Recommendations

Image of a plant showing the nine Sustainability Action Plan Areas of Focus