110 N. Union St.

Near West Neighbors Association Meetings

Quarterly meetings are hosted at fire station #6 at 707 W. Chicago Street as needed.

Meet Officer Gutierrez

Hi! My name is Officer Hector Gutierrez, and I am the new resident officer at 110 N. Union Street. As your new resident officer I am excited to be part of this neighborhood and to help improve the quality of life. I am eager to meet all of my neighbors and accomplish great things for the betterment of the community.

One of the things I would like to do as a resident officer is to get to know everyone in the neighborhood and work together to ensure that our community is safe by creatively addressing any issues that might come up. I am bilingual in Spanish and also grew up in Elgin; thus, I feel very proud to represent the Elgin Police Department in this neighborhood. Feel free to stop by with any questions or concerns.You can also call me at (847) 878-4705 or email me.

Things to do to help deter crime in the neighborhood:

Report any suspicious activity/people in the area

Lock up your home and vehicles

Report any graffiti in the area

Report gang and drug activity

Stay involved with what is happening in your neighborhood