Rental License

Advantages of Licensing Rentals

Licensing of rental residential property protects Elgin residents. A rental license helps assure renters and those charged with protecting the city that the licensed home or apartment has met minimum housing standards.

This program provides landlords with consistent enforcement of codes of properties in stable neighborhoods. The process protects the character and stability of residential areas, prevents overcrowding, and improves property values throughout Elgin. This program was established for and by citizens through their elected officials.

Applying for a Rental License

Any person, firm, partnership, or corporation operating, maintaining, or offering rental property in the City of Elgin needs to apply for a license. A license is required for all rental residential properties. It is unlawful for a person to occupy a residential rental property that is not licensed.

Licenses are not transferable when a property is sold. A new property owner has 30 days from the date of closing to apply for a new rental license. To apply for a license, complete an application and mail it or drop it off, along with the licensing fee.

If applicable, complete the Additional Dwelling Units Room Measurements Form to accompany Rental Residential License Application.

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Rental License Listing and Map:

Renewing Rental Property Licenses

When the renewal fee is paid, a property will then be scheduled for an inspection. An inspection letter with the date and time of your inspection will be mailed to the homeowner's address, as well as the property manager's address (if there is one on file).

All properties are given a one year license. If your property passes the initial inspection without any violations and the landlord training class requirement has been fulfilled, the property will then be given a two year license extension, thus making it a three year license. You will not receive a second rental license with the updated date.

If you have any questions, concerns, or need additional information, contact:

Crystal McGuire
Executive Assistant
Ph: (847) 931-5939
Fx: (847) 931-6790


What Code Officers Are Looking For

In multiple unit buildings, the Code Compliance Officer will inspect the exterior property area, all interior common areas, basements, and 20% of all dwelling units. In single family rental homes, the entire exterior and interior is inspected. The Code Compliance Officers are looking for violations of the property maintenance code and other codes adopted by the City of Elgin. Items such as leaky plumbing fixtures, broken windows, peeling paint, electrical problems, and overcrowding are an example of the types of issues found in the code.

For safety, the city strictly enforces the state law that requires installation and maintenance of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for every residence.

For detailed information about what code officers look for in an inspection, view the Rental License Pre-Inspection Guide.

If You Do Not Pass Inspection
If the Code Compliance Officer finds that your property is not in compliance with the building or property maintenance codes at the time of the inspection, you and the code officer will work together to determine a reasonable time frame to correct the code violations.

The Code Compliance Division will send you information in the mail describing items that require correction and provide a date of expected compliance.