Tree Trimming


The City of Elgin maintains trees located on city property including parks and in the treebank area (between the sidewalk and the curb) of the street. The City of Elgin does not maintain trees located on private property. Citizens should contact a professional tree service to trim and/or remove trees located on private property.

tree trimming

The city trims trees on a year round basis. When the city trims a tree, any branches that are cut will be removed from your property. All tree trimming is performed under the direction of certified arborists to ensure trees are trimmed in a manner that protects the health of the tree as well as ensures the public’s safety.

Contact Us

To request tree trimming services or to report an unsafe city tree, please contact the Land Management Division of the Elgin Public Works Department by calling 311 (or 847-931-6001 if your are outside Elgin).