Food Establishment Plan Review

Licensed Food Handling Establishments

Anyone who wishes to sell or prepare food that requires refrigeration for the public must obtain a food handling permit from the City of Elgin Health Department, as well as a general business license and occupancy permit from the City of Elgin.

Food Handling Permit Application
Business Application

If you are constructing or extensively remodeling a food handling establishment, you must submit a set of plans to the City of Elgin that the Health Department will review to ensure it complies with the Food Service Construction Requirements. You must also submit a plan review form and a ventilation plan review form if you are installing a hood and duct system.

Plan Review Form
Ventilation Plan Review Application
Food Service Construction Requirements

A seasonal food handling permit is required of anyone who wishes to sell food that requires preparation or refrigeration for more than two weeks and less than six months at a temporary location (such as a farmers’ market). Please note that food may not be sold in City of Elgin parks or streets, or from moving vehicles such as ice cream trucks and carts.

Elgin Seasonal Food Handling Application
Elgin Farmer Market Requirements

A temporary food permit is required of anyone who wishes to sell food from a temporary location for less than two weeks (such as a carnival or festival). If the event is on private property, the property owner must obtain a temporary use permit from the City of Elgin.

Temporary Food Handling Application
Temporary Food Handling Rules and Regulations
Temporary Use Permit Application