Special Teams

Fire Investigation Team

The Fire Investigation Team is a division of the Fire Prevention Bureau that is responsible for the origin and cause determination of fires in our area. Our jurisdiction is the corporate limits of the city of Elgin and properties covered by fire protection agreements.

Hazardous Materials Team

The Elgin Fire Department Hazardous Materials Response Team is responsible for the control and mitigation of hazardous materials releases along with the rescue of civilians and safety personnel involved in such events. With the use of specialized equipment and training the team responds to all hazardous materials requests 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Technical Rescue Team

The Technical Rescue Team is comprised of fire department personnel who are trained to deal with specific special rescue situations. These include trench collapse rescue, structural collapse rescue, confined space rescue, and high and low angle rescue.

Water Rescue and Recovery Team

The Water Rescue and Recovery Team rescue team responds to water emergencies, conducts water related training, performs water related inspections, and recoveries.