Technical Rescue Team

Purpose, Responsibility & Methodology

The Elgin Fire Department Technical Rescue Team is responsible for responding to specific highly specialized rescue and recovery situations including trench collapse, structural collapse, confined space, and high and low angle.

The team is comprised of fire department personnel who are certified to respond to these highly specific rescue incidents. The team also participates in a multi-jurisdictional technical rescue team comprised of ten area fire departments, M.A.B.A.S Division II.

The team also maintains a heavy rescue squad that houses specialized rescue equipment and provides a mobile command center for on-scene commanders. This vehicle is stationed in Elgin and is available 24 hours a day. This multi-jurisdictional team also interacts with the State of Illinois as a State technical rescue resource. Should a technical rescue incident occur anywhere in the state this team may be called to provide assistance.


Qualifications & Continuing Education

The team trains on a monthly basis and responds together should a technical rescue incident occur in any of the M.A.B.A.S. Division II participating communities.