Public Education

About Elgin Fire Department Public Education Programs

The Elgin Fire Department strives to provide citizens, workers, and students with the awareness, knowledge, and skill levels necessary to address fire and life safety hazards and concerns. Programs such as the grade school fire safety education program, CPR classes, and fire company community interaction events provide an ongoing opportunity for the Elgin Fire Department to educate the public on fire and hazard awareness and prevention methods.

Requesting Public Education Programs

Public education events can be arranged by completing this request form.

Fire Station Tours

All Elgin Fire Stations are open to the community for tours. Station tours not only offer the residents a close-up look at the manpower, state of the art equipment, and buildings that are funded by their tax dollars, but also an opportunity to gain information about fire and life safety issues. Station tours can be arranged by completing this request form.

CPR Program

The Elgin Fire Department CPR program provides education in this proven life-saving skill, as outlined in the American Heart Association guidelines. Classes are offered on a monthly basis and are conducted by Elgin Fire Department American Heart Association certified instructors. Recertification classes are also available.

Information on class scheduling and registration can be found Here.

Fire Safety Links for Adults

Fire Safety Links for Kids