Garbage must be placed inside of the gray City of Elgin refuse cart with the lid closed in order to be collected. Additional items that are stacked above, on top of, or placed along side of the 64-gallon cart will require a garbage sticker for collection.

Unacceptable Items 

Household products that are flammable, toxic, corrosive, or reactive can be dangerous to collection personnel and the environment when disposed of improperly. Items such as paint, pesticides, poisons, cleaning solvents, tanks, automotive batteries, tainted gasoline, used oil, and other automobile fluids should not be included with your refuse for disposal.

View more information on how to safely dispose of household hazardous waste through Waste Management’s At Your Door service, free of charge.

Larger Bulk Items (couch, small tables, etc.)

  • Maximum 45 pound weight limit per item
  • Item must be reasonably managed by one individual
  • Item may need to be broken down to meet the weight limit
  • One refuse sticker is required for each bulk item/piece to be collected


***State law bans the following items from the landfill: Computers, monitors, printers, mice, keyboards, TVs, game consoles, VCRs, DVD players, cell phones, small household appliances, etc. ***

These items can be recycled through Waste Management’s At Your Door service. 

Special Collections (Large Clean-Up’s, Move-Out’s, Remodeling, etc.) 

For larger volumes of waste, residents can contact Waste Management directly to arrange for a special collection or to order a dumpster. For more details, contact Waste Management customer service at 1-800-796-9696.


Contact Waste Management customer service at 1-800-796-9696 to schedule pickup. Tires require special handling and are collected separate from trash. Rims must be removed from tires prior to placing them out for collection (tires with and without rims can be disposed of at local auto repair shops for a fee).

  • One garbage sticker is required for each automobile tire without rim (any tire 18" or less in diameter as measured on the inside of the tire)
  • Five garbage stickers are required for each truck tire without rim (any tire greater than 18" diameter as measured on the inside of the tire)

Carpet Rolls

Must be no larger than five feet in length, two feet in diameter and weigh less than 45 pounds. One garbage sticker must be affixed to each roll for collection Do- It -Yourself Renovation Debris (Small Quantities)

  • Must be placed in bundles weighing less than forty-five pounds, up to four feet in length, and up to two feet in diameter.
  • One garbage sticker must be attached to each bundle or container for collection
  • Placed in 40-gallon containers weighing less than forty-five pounds

Looking For A Place to Haul Your Waste?

Waste Management, Elgin Transfer Station
1245 Gifford Rd.
Elgin, IL 60120

Call ahead for hours of operation and disposal rates: 630-326-1959.