Holding Facility Detainee Information

The Elgin Police Department operates a Holding Facility which temporarily holds a detainee for investigation, awaiting bond or bond hearing, or awaiting transfer to another facility. The department provides 24 hour supervision, maintains security and ensures all rights are afforded to detainees under the applicable laws.

Detainee Rights


Detainees are provided three meals in a 24 hour period.

Post Bond

The department ensures the following:

  • The detainee, if unable to post bond or be released, will be afforded a timely appearance in court.
    • The detainee’s opportunity for posting bond shall not be impeded. Posting bond may be completed at the police information desk or outside the Holding Facility. The following forms of bond are accepted:
      • Cash bond
      • Approved credit card
      • Released on their signature

Telephone Privileges

Upon arrival, detainees are granted access to a telephone within a reasonable time frame. A collect-call telephone is located in each cell and activated upon request. Foreign national detainees are informed of their right to consular notification and are permitted telephone contact with the appropriate consulate office.


Per visit, detainees are granted a maximum of 15 minutes with immediate family. The following procedures are in force:

  • Visitation is permitted between 3:00pm through 4:00pm.
  • All visitors must present identification.
  • Immediate family includes the detainee’s parent, sibling, spouse and children.
  • Disruptive or combative detainees may not be permitted face to face visitation; telephone contact in the visitor room may be considered.

Exceptions to the above procedures may be granted to attorneys, clergy and consulate officials.