Cultural Arts Grants

The city’s Cultural Arts Commission administers three grant programs to encourage and promote the arts in Elgin.

Historic Architectural Rehabilitation Grants

The Historic Architectural Rehabilitation Grant Program provides residential property owners of structures in designated historic districts with reimbursement grants of up to $20,000 for the restoration of exterior architectural features. Applications are typically announced in January with a due date at the end of March. To learn more about the program and download applications, click here.

Fire Sprinkler Assistance for Residential Conversions Grant (Downtown Only)

This program is intended to provide an incentive for property owners to add residential dwelling units downtown. Costs associated with the installation of a new fire sprinkler system in connection with the creation of residential upper floor dwelling unit(s) in existing buildings, or with code-required improvements or upgrades to an existing fire sprinkler system in connection with the creation of residential upper floor dwelling unit(s) in existing buildings, are eligible expenses under this grant in an amount not to exceed $4 per square foot of protected building floor area. The City will waive permit and plan review fees associated with the sprinkler installation as well as any associated tap fees. To learn more about the program and download an application, click here.

CDBG Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Program

 Applications are currently being accepted - please note that applications can not be filled out online so applicants must call Community Contacts at 847-697-8800.

The Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program helps eligible Elgin homeowners correct residential code deficiencies and address sub-standard and unsafe living conditions. Applicants must be at least eighteen years of age, meet Federal income limits (see table below), own and occupy the property as their principal residence, and be current with the payment of their mortgage, property taxes, and homeowner’s insurance premium. In order to be eligible, properties must be lawful, single-family dwellings, free of liens and located within the City of Elgin. The program provides up to $15,000 in assistance for housing rehabilitation work, and up to $10,000 for lead hazard control work, for a combined maximum of $25,000 per household. All assistance is provided in the form of a grant, however, the applicant must retain ownership of and continue to occupy the property for a period of not less than twelve months following the date work is completed under the program. Should the applicant relinquish his or her ownership earlier, the CDBG assistance must be repaid in full to the City of Elgin. Please indicate you are interested in the “Elgin CDBG Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Program.” Applications will be accepted, pending the availability of Federal funding, on a first-come, first-qualified, first-served basis.

Residential Conversion Grant - No funds currently available

The Residential Conversion Grant (also commonly known as Multi-Family De-Conversion program) is designed to provide funding for converting non-conforming multiple unit residences back to their original use. This is an incentive grant program that is not only intended to compensate property owners for the work required remove the additional non-conforming residential unit, but also for the loss of rental income following the conversion. Grant funds are distributed to the property owner upon final completion of the conversion. A final inspection must be successfully completed prior to the payout of grant funds.

Community Development Block Grant 

The City of Elgin has been an entitlement community receiving Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) on a yearly basis from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) since 1976. The funding allocation each year is determined by a formula developed by HUD. CDBG funding is to be used to provide decent housing and a suitable living environment by expanding economic opportunities, principally for low and moderate-income citizens. CDBG Funds may also be used for municipal infrastructure improvements in areas with a majority of Low- to Moderate Income residents.

Neighborhood Matching Grant

The Neighborhood Matching Grant Program is administered through the Elgin Community Network.

The purpose of the Neighborhood Matching Grant Program is to support grassroots projects that enhance and strengthen neighborhoods. All projects are initiated, planned and implemented by neighborhood members in partnership with the Elgin Community Network (ECN), with final authorization to proceed from the City of Elgin. Neighborhood involvement and relationship building are key components of the program