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Posted on: February 9, 2021

Addressing Misinformation

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TRUE: Firefighter Union Insists on Keeping Raises in 2021

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The City of Elgin is asking its firefighters for equity during a time when all City employees and the community are dealing with impacts of the pandemic. The City is asking its firefighters to simply do what nearly every other City employee is doing for one year⏤not take a modest 2.5% cost of living raise. If they agree, there will be no need to consider any unplanned cost reductions and they will get their raise next year. If they continue to insist on taking the raise, it will cost Elgin taxpayers $430,000 in 2021 and $1.3 million over the three-year financial plan, a cost that will need to be reduced in operations or through increased revenues from residents and businesses⏤the latter an option of last resort. Please contact the Firefighters Union and ask them to join the rest of the organization in no raises for 2021, so the community can continue receiving the established service levels without increased costs for those services.

Firefighters Union (IAFF Local 439) contact information: or

FALSE: Drastic Service Reductions Have Been Approved for Station 6

A Facebook post by the Elgin Association of Firefighters Local 439 suggests drastic service reductions have been approved for Fire Station 6, which is not true.

  • The only reason service changes to Station 6 are being discussed is because the fire union has declined to defer raises in 2021, like all other City departments (see above). 
  • The City is not closing station 6 or permanently retiring a piece of equipment. 
  • No decisions have been made to change the current service model, but discussions have taken place to replace the engine at Station 6 with an ambulance. 
  • Station 6 does not currently have an ambulance in regular service, and instead uses a fire engine to respond to ambulance calls.
  • Ambulance calls comprise the overwhelming majority of Engine 6's activity in a given year. 
  • Station 6, the City's most centrally located station, is supported with fire fighting apparatus coverage from the surrounding six other stations in Elgin.

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In addition, clarification to several Facebook comments can be found here.

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