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  1. vehicle stickers and parking ordinance

    Elgin's has anyone parking on our residential streets with commercial beatup trucks and do not need a vehicle sticker...make a mess with garbage that homeowners have to deal with...If people have to...

    Sep 4, 2012 by GERI KROSEL (5 points)

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  2. Allowing Street Performers in Downtown Elgin

    We should explore creating a Permit process for Street Performers and/or Vendors, as we already have a Solicitors permit in place. Inviting Performers/Vendors to Elgin would aid in enhancing the...

    Aug 2, 2012 by Laurie-Faith Gibson (19 points)

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  3. Better maintenance and safety at the National Street Metra station

    The National Street Metra station is poorly maintained. The sidewalks aren't plowed in the winter. The interior of the station and shelters are dirty and graffiti abounds. While I realize that some...

    Jul 31, 2012 by Kevin Sweeney (14 points)

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  4. Energy Efficiency Rebates from Utilities & Energy Impact Illinois shows big rebates on water heaters, furnaces, central air, thermostats, and other energy star products through September. Also, is offering 70%...

    Sep 16, 2012 by Todd Martin (9 points)

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