What's the process from beginning to end?

First, ensure that you meet the minimum requirements of the position. Submit an application with the City of Elgin. Submit all required documents with the application. After you have completed the application process you will take the written test for Police Officer. If you are one of the top 100 candidates that pass the written test you will then be scheduled for an in depth background investigation. Once the in depth background investigation is complete an interview is set up with our Fire and Police Board. Candidates passing the interview with the Fire and Police Board will be given any preference points that apply to them and will be ranked on an eligibility list. Once a position becomes available the candidate who is next on the eligibility list must successfully complete a psychological exam and physical fitness exam. After successfully completing the psychological exam and physical fitness exam, the candidate begins their career with the City of Elgin.

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1. How often is the test?
2. How I do find out that Elgin is testing?
3. What's the process from beginning to end?
4. What kind of test does Elgin use?
5. What does it cost to take the test?
6. Are there study materials?
7. How do I get my POWER test card?
8. What kind of background check does Elgin do?
9. Are there any preference points?
10. How long is the list good for?
11. Does the City of Elgin allow lateral transfers from other departments?
12. What if I’ve been a police officer and I’m over 35?