Where can I park in Elgin?

Downtown Parking Regulations adopted July 27, 2011. By working with downtown stakeholders the City of Elgin and Downtown Neighborhood Association have made downtown parking more accessible and easier to understand. Below is a summary of the regulations, enforced Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. 

On-Street Parking: The City encourages downtown visitors and patrons to use on-street parking options. Unless otherwise marked, all on street parking spaces are limited to 2 hours. For quicker in-and-out errands there are 30-minute “quick stop” parking spots located throughout Downtown: cityofelgin.org/quickstops 

Off-Street Parking: the City has made off-street parking more convenient for long-term parking needs. Downtown employees and residents are encouraged to use off-street parking. City-owned surface lots and decks are now free parking for up to 72 hours with the following exceptions: Level 1 of the Spring Street parking deck will remain two-hour parking to accommodate that area’s varied needs and high density. The Civic Center Parking Lot will include approximately forty-two 30-minute quick spots near city hall and the post office. For a map of city-owned parking lots and decks please see the city-owned parking lot map. Unless otherwise signed or noted above, city-owned parking lots and decks allow parking for up to 72 hours. Overnight Parking Residents and visitors are permitted to park on-street overnight. However, the city still encourages parking off-street overnight to assist with street maintenance activities. 

If you have questions about downtown parking, please call 311 or 847-931-6001. 

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1. Where can I park in Elgin?