What is the city's door-to-door solicitor policy?
Elgin's ordinance prohibits what is commonly known as "door-to-door" solicitations without a permit provided by city staff. Vendors without a permit are prohibited from soliciting invitations or from going upon premises without an invitation for the purpose of soliciting orders. The ordinance does not apply to non-commercial activities. Non-commercial activities mean activities which are political, religious or charitable in nature. The ordinance applies to streets and public buildings, as well as private residences and is enforced on a complaint-basis. Should a person or business be door to door soliciting without a permit, they are subject to fines and/or arrest. If a violation is deemed to have occurred, a summons may be issued to the violating person and/or business. A police officer does not need to be present at the time the alleged violation occurs; however, a complainant's testimony will be required if the matter is prosecuted in Elgin City Court. If a solicitor appears fraudulent or harassing, contact the Elgin Police Department to report the complaint either in person or by calling 847-289-2700.
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