Does the city monitor overweight vehicles?
The Elgin Police Department requires all vehicles traveling on city streets have a permit and obey posted and standard restrictions regarding vehicle weight. Motor vehicles may not carry more than 80,000 pounds on any street within Elgin. They can carry even less on bridges or other areas where a lower weight limit is posted. The city enforces these regulations through portable weigh stations and other checkpoints that may require all commercial vehicles to stop and be tested. Failure to obey the posted weight limit or stop at a checkpoint may result in heavy fines and penalties. There are also restrictions on length and width of trucks able to access city roads. For more information about overweight vehicles, or to report a vehicle that you believe is operating illegally, contact the police department at 847-289-2661 between 7:30 A.M and 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. You may also email Need an overweight permit? Please visit the Oxcart Permit website to obtain a permit. All permits will be reviewed by the Elgin Police Department traffic unit.

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