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The Centre Customer Service Survey

  1. The Centre of Elgin
  2. We appreciate your feedback as we strive to make your experience at The Centre a positive one! We will hold a drawing each quarter from survey responses for a $50 gift card valid for use on any Centre/General Recreation Program and/or activity offered through the department. Please have your receipt on hand to complete the survey and qualify for the quarterly gift card.
  3. Please provide the following information in order to be contacted.
  4. Please choose the response that best describes your experience.
  5. 1. Staff made me feel comfortable and were friendly, inviting, and positve.
  6. 2. Staff was available, knowledgeable, and able to meet my needs during my visit.
  7. 3. Please rate the ease/efficiency of your registration/check in process on the visit.
  8. 4. On this visit, please rate your overall experience at The Centre.
  9. 5. The facility was clean at the time of my visit.
  10. 6. Would you recommend The Centre and our offerings to a friend?
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