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Public Education Event Request Form

  1. Elgin Fire Department public education requests will be subject to the Governor's guidelines at the time of the event. At this time there are no station visits. EFD staff can participate in outside activities provided all participants wear masks and practice proper social distancing. Non EFD personnel cannot enter fire or EMS apparatus. Thank you for your understanding.
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  3. The Elgin Fire Department will do everything possible to accommodate specific dates and times. However, all fire department units are in-service and must be available to respond to emergencies as needed. Due to these emergency responses, we may be delayed and in rare circumstances may be unable to attend. Firefighters also may have to cut short a visit in order to respond to an emergency. We also ask that to better accommodate your needs please submit your request as early as possible. Finally, for planning purposes, the average duration of a station tour is 30-45 minutes.
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