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Sustainable Elgin Community Grant Application

  1. Please Note:
    All applications must be submitted through the electronic form found at to ensure they are received and reviewed.

    We are excited to review your grant proposal! The questions below will help us better understand what you want to do, why and with whom. Please be as specific as possible.
  2. Elgin Sustainabiltiy logo
  3. Project Location:
  4. Does your project address any one of the City Council's Core Values and Defined Goals?
    Choose only one of each.
  5. Core Values:
  6. Defined Goals:
  7. Identify who and how your project will reach underserved populations in your planning, marketing, or outreach process. (150-word Maximum)
  8. 1. Project Summary: Please describe your idea/project by answering the following questions. Be as specific as possible and address each question.
    (100-word max each) 5 points
  9. 4. Project Budget: Show evidence of careful financial planning by completing the following proposed project budget. Only list expenses associated with your proposed project. You must provide a 50% match – it can be cash or in-kind. 3 points Total of funds requested. (Maximum $1,500).
  10. If a grant is awarded, the Applicant/Community Group/Organization agrees that:
    • The project/program/activities and services for which the grant is sought will be administered under the supervision of the applicant.
    • The applicant has read and will conform to the grant guidelines.
    • The applicant organization will expend the grant funds received as a result of the application solely on the project and program described herein.
    • Any funds received under this grant shall not be used to supplant any budgeted funds.
    • The applicant organization will comply with all laws, acts and ordinances of the United States, the State of Illinois and the City of Elgin, and further fares that no person will be excluded from participation or be denied the benefits of any program, activity or service on the basis of race, sex, sexual preference, color, religion, ancestry, age national origin, or disability. The applicant further agrees to make every attempt to ensure the program is accessible to persons with disabilities.
    • The figures, facts and representations in this application, including attachments, are true and correct to the best of its knowledge and belief.
    • Failure to follow these guidelines will disqualify you for future grants.
    • Cancellation of funded projects or programs will result in forfeiture of funds and funds must be returned within sixty (60) days of the scheduled event.
    • Grants are subject to entering into an approved grant agreement with the City of Elgin and applicant’s compliance with the terms and conditions of such grant agreement.
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