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Sustainable Elgin Community Grant Program Final Project and Financial Report

  1. As a Grantee you must provide a final report to the ESC within 60 days of the project’s completion. Failure to complete the final report could jeopardize future funding applications.
    Your organization must sign both the Project Report and the Financial Report.
  2. Project Report
    Please report on the achievements of your project against your planned objectives and milestones. If applicable, provide statistical information on attendance and/or participants.
  3. Did the project meet the following requirements?
  4. 1. Improvements or additions to the neighborhood located on publicly owned property.
  5. 2. Compatibility with adopted City Sustainable Master Plan(SMP) and related policies.
  6. 3. Free and open to the general public.
  7. 4, Visibility from the public realm and accessible to the general public.
  8. Provide:
    • copies of any newspaper/newsletter/online articles, project material or other resources that were developed through the project.
    • photos to demonstrate project activities and outcomes.
  9. Financial Statement
  10. The Commission acknowledges that there are sometimes changes in the cost of project materials or services provided to complete the project. However, the grant must be used for the purposes outlined in the grant application and service agreement and specifically on the items detailed in the Project Budget.
    A copy of receipts must be submitted.
  11. Items
    List the items in the Project Budget from the application
  12. Total Budget
  13. Important Information: Funds not expended on the items outlined in the project budget must be returned to the Sustainability Commission Fund, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Sustainability Commission.
  14. I declare that:
    • all funding received was expended for the purposes of the Project and in accordance with the grant specifications, the grant guidelines, and the grant agreement, including any changes to the Project or budget approved in writing by the Sustainability Commission;
    • the information provided in this financial statement is a true record for the period indicated; and
    • all terms and conditions of the grant have been complied with.
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